Child born as deaf goes through a successful cochlear implantation


After the successful completion of Cochlear Implantation, an Indian child has been given the sense of hearing for the first time after she was born deaf.
It was the best days of their life when Nafiya and her parents got to acknowledged when the implants were activated, two weeks after the recovery from the surgery.
Having been the first of its kind operation at the University Hospital Sharjah (UHS), the hospital plans to keep installing cochlear implants as there’s an increasing number of babies who are not dead in the UAE.
The procedure normally would have cost around Dh150,000 for the implants, but SharjahTV managed to sponsor the Indian girl. Two surgeons from the UHS itself performed on the girl. Dr Ahmad Munzer Al Waa, Head of ENT Department, and Dr Faheem Tadros, consultant ENT surgeon took turns in explaining the procedure saying
_ “An electrode is implanted in the inner ear where the child is able to hear sounds for the first time. Gradually, with the help of special software, sounds are adjusted to near normal level. This would eventually help Nafiya hear all the sounds and cope with the communication demands. Cochlear implants are designed for patients who cannot hear even with a hearing aid.”_
The technology is so advanced that the implants which are integrated to the inner year can also let someone hear sounds underwater.
The doctors also briefed on how there has been a lot many cases of infants going deaf since they’re born in the UAE. They added
_”We are seeing more patients with hearing loss. There are various reasons why children are being born hearing-impaired: it could be hereditary, the mother could have a viral infection during pregnancy, the infant could have received less oxygen during birth, or it could be due to meningitis disease,”_