DOPT established sanitary napkin quen-vending and disposable machines in the women’s washroom of North Block under the Cleanliness Service Campaign

Department of Personnel and Training (DOPT) has set up sanitary napkin quen-vending and disposable machine in three female washrooms (ground floor, first floor and second floor) of DOPT area of ​​North Block under the Cleanliness Service (SHS) campaign. It is in line with the work plan of the department for the SHS initiatives currently being released by the drinking water and sanitation department.

Joint Secretary of DOPT Smt. K. Kipagen and Joint Secretary Smt. J. Jayanti inaugurated the Napkin Vending Machine and Napkin Disposal Machine respectively in the women’s washroom of the first floor. On this occasion Mrs Manjula Junja, the Under Secretary of the DOPT and a large number of women employees were present. To get napkins in all three vending machines, there is a feature of putting a coin of Rs. 5 / various value classes, which will be operated on ‘Profit without loss’ basis. In addition, the napkins used in disposable machines include the specialty of disposing environmentally friendly. Such machines will soon be installed in two other buildings of this department ie Lok Nayak Bhawan and JNU campus.

Women workers present on this occasion thanked the Department for taking such good steps, which is related to the health and cleanliness of women. This is also a part of ‘cleanliness’. He also hoped that the other departments of the government would also follow this step soon.

News Courtesy : Press Information Bureau