Teenager hacks to get free data on phone

While playing around with a prepaid sim on a spare phone with no active data, 17-year-old Jacob Ajit learnt to hack his way to getting free phone data. Ajit told Motherboard: “Honestly, I just investigated this out of curiosity, and to learn a bit about how these networks are configured.” A student at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Virginia, wrote about his findings in a Medium post, saying: “Wow, this was great, I can now host all my Taylor Swift songs in the cloud and access them on my phone without paying for data!”

Ajit found out that he was able to access media sent from any folder labelled ‘/speedtest’, possibly because T-Mobile deems these files trustworthy. He set up a ‘/speedtest’ folder on his own site and filled it with media, which he was able to access. He then created a proxy server that allows users to access any site with this method.

T-Mobile is yet to respond to Ajit’s emails in which he has explained the hack.