Singapore Hosts 23rd ASEAN Transport Ministers Meeting & Associated Dialogue Partner Meetings

Singapore is hosting the 23rd ASEAN Transport Ministers (ATM) Meeting and associated meetings with ASEAN Dialogue Partners China, Japan and the Republic of Korea from 12 to 13 October to discuss regional cooperation and initiatives in air, maritime, and land transport as well as transport facilitation, which will bolster connectivity in the region. These meetings will take place against the backdrop of ASEAN’s 50th anniversary.

Prior to the 23rd ATM Meeting, ASEAN Senior Transport Officials met from 9 October, during which they also met their counterparts from the three Dialogue Partners and the European Union (EU) to explore transport co-operation. Around 200 delegates from the ten ASEAN Member States (AMSs) and the Dialogue Partners will attend the meetings over the course of the week.

The ATM Meeting is an annual platform at which Transport Ministers from all AMSs gather to discuss and decide on various transport cooperation initiatives across all transport modes. The initiatives adopted, endorsed or signed at ATM Meetings are the result of the hard work and commitment of AMSs to further transport co-operation within ASEAN and with our Dialogue Partners. They bring the citizens of AMSs closer together by facilitating the transport of people and goods across the ASEAN region and to other regions.

At the 23rd ATM Meeting, ASEAN Transport Ministers are expected to sign and adopt several agreements which will further liberalise air services in the region and improve the safety and efficiency of air travel in ASEAN and beyond. An agreement in the land transport sector will enhance tourism, investment, trade and people-to-people connectivity across AMSs.

Singapore last hosted the ATM Meeting and the ASEAN Senior Transport Officials Meeting in 2007, rotating as host amongst the AMSs.

News Source : Press Release Singapore Government